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Who We Are: Our History & Our People

Our History

Kiveton Park Independent Advice Centre was established in 1983 when a group of local people got together and decided that there was a need for a community based advice centre. In collaboration with the parish council, and other groups, they obtained the use of the community library in Kiveton Park and started drop-in sessions twice a week for a couple of hours each time. Local solicitors were recruited to give free legal advice and the service has developed and improved from there.

In June 1996 the centre recruited its first full-time paid worker who took on responsibility for expanding the service. Opening hours were gradually increased to cover five days per week, outreach sessions were established in surrounding communities, home visits were introduced, and appointment slots were increased.

We now have a service that is accessible for clients, and free-to-use. We have dedicated staff – paid and volunteers – who are passionate about the centre and its clients. All of our staff genuinely believe in what they are doing; they all take great pride in the services which we offer and deliver.

Our Team:

Chair of Trustees 

Nichola Pearson was elected Chair at our AGM in June 2017 and has been involved with the centre for a number of years. She has brought with her many skills which have been extremely useful to the service. She has a background of delivering high-level benefits advice and was instrumental in developing the successful weekly advice session at Swallownest Court Hospital where she currently works as a specialist Mental-Health Nurse.  

Nichola started with the centre in 2013 as a volunteer providing general advice to our clients. She went on to undertake a paid role, and then became a member of the management committee in 2015. She took over her current role as Chair following the retirement of the previous post holder - Stewart Platts. She has always been keen, hands-on, and also extremely active in the day-to-day running of the centre. Nichola is extremely supportive of the aims of the centre and continually looks at implementing new or improved service provisions on behalf of our clients.


Centre Coordinator 

Jessica Lewis joined us from Citizens Advice Bureau in Sheffield and has a number of years’ experience dealing with complex Debt issues. Her expertise also extends to Welfare & Disability Benefits particularly in respect of entitlements, claims, and also dealing with the appeals process. Jessica – an LLB Law graduate – also offers general advice and guidance upon a number of issues including Employment – Family Law – Housing – Contract Law etc.


Client Support Advisers 

David Norry joined the centre recently after spending a number of years with Rotherham Citizens Advice. David now delivers a Support Service which is designed to help clients to make claims relating to Welfare & Disability benefits. David also kindly provides 'cover' for us at our Wednesday PM drop-in session on a voluntary basis.


Volunteer Receptionists 

Janet Holmes worked as a warden and as a home carer for many years until her retirement. She is a long-standing volunteer who has been with the centre since its humble beginnings. Janet started as the updater of information and now serves as receptionist at the very busy Wednesday drop in. She gives her time freely and is a valued member of staff. 

Russell Morgan – who volunteers at our Monday night sessions – is another long-serving member of our team. He has held a number of positions within the centre – including Honorary Treasurer – and has considerable experience and expertise regarding employment issues. 

Jo Cook - a local lady - has joined the centre recently... she also volunteers for us on a weekly basis at our Monday night sessions.

We also have a ‘bank’ of volunteer solicitors who continue to provide FREE legal advice to our clients, and also 8 management committee members. Their contribution and commitment to the service is highly valued.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in volunteering with us:

Kiveton Park Independent Advice Centre
Kiveton Park Community Library
Wales Road
Kiveton Park
S26 6RB

Telephone: 01909 773966
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Maltby Drop In Update

Maltby Drop In

Maltby drop in will now be open from 21st August with a new time of 12 till 2 every Tuesday 

Co-op Membership Fund

We are delighted that many local residents have nominated us to receive support via the Co-op Membership Fund. This support, which amounted to £4600, for our centre is very much appreciated - we are very grateful to all those involved in this initiative. Thank you!