We are a small local charity… donations are always welcome, and very gratefully received!

Due to the current Covid infection rate in Rotherham we are are continuing to assess our clients by telephone or email rather than face to face. 

We are however now in a position to be able to offer faced to face appointments at our Kiveton Park office and Swallownest hospital if necessary. 


We are always happy to help you to prepare a personal budget if household finances are causing you concern. Our expertise extends to maximising incomes and reductions in expenditure. You may also find that many discounts and grants are available to you!


We specialise in finding exactly the right solutions for YOU! This can include mediation and negotiation with creditors if required, and also detailed advice upon more formal strategies such as Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Orders.


We can offer detailed advice & guidance upon a wide range of Welfare and Disability Benefits, Tax Credits and Pensions. We can discuss entitlements, calculate payments, and we also offer help in respect of any appeals that you may need to make.


Our Monday-night drop-in sessions are generally staffed by volunteer solicitors

Our web-site now includes a vast array of detailed and useful information, as well as a number of links to other organisations who can provide much-needed support and guidance. These pages are easy-to-use; they are designed to provide essential help on a number of specific issues including debt and welfare benefits. 

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Maltby Drop In Update

Maltby Drop In

Maltby drop in will now be open from 21st August with a new time of 12 till 2 every Tuesday 

Co-op Membership Fund

We are delighted that many local residents have nominated us to receive support via the Co-op Membership Fund. This support, which amounted to £4600, for our centre is very much appreciated - we are very grateful to all those involved in this initiative. Thank you!